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The Association was formed to support and promote the Haskap growers of Nova Scotia.


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Haskap Berry

Learn more about what the Haskap berry is, where it comes from and its incredible history.


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Growing Haskap

Healthy Haskaps require healthy soil. The answer to all your Haskap questions are here.


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Nutritional Info

They say Haskaps are healthy, find all the information you need here.


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Our Haskap Association Members Section

We have created a special member’s area for our Haskap Association Registered Members.

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The award-winning haskapa Haskap products are available online or through resellers across Canada. www.haskapa.com

Haskap Plants are available to purchase online through http://www.lahavenaturalfarms.com

Latest News From The Haskap Association Blog

Haskap Open Day 21st June 2014

The World Famous Haskap Open Day is almost upon us! Reserve the day, June 21st 10am to 4pm at our farm in Lunenburg County. For directions to our farm on 1776 Northfield… Read More →

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Some say that Chuck Norris eats a #Haskap a day to keep the doctor away

4 likes, 0 comments22 hours ago

Some say that Chuck Norris eats a #Haskap a day to keep the doctor away

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Hungry after work? Customize your favourite trail mix and add some #haskapa antioxidants for some tasty snacking for the commute home!

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Treat yourself with some antioxidants to cure yourself from a case of the Mondays. Haskap muffins with haskapa jam!

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Isn’t this bundt just beautiful? If you ever need ideas for using haskapa, just use any recipe for blueberries and use haskapa instead!

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